How to play any game with 3-d glasses for $2

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Got 3d glasses leftover from the Superbowl? Time to break them out! You will need cheap 3d glasses from television promotions or you can grab them off Ebay for this demonstration. Website to get the free 3d software: Our website Our twitter Music by: Reasoner

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  1. zackolot says:

    i think it only works for games already downloaded on your pc

  2. jimjimbill says:

    well they had a graphic update and when u go into high detail full screen mode it is pretty amazing and 3-D glasses on runescape would make it easier to see for me because my eyesight is not what it should be so i need to be really close, if it was 3-D i could be far away not straining my eyes as much

  3. madmans5222 says:

    Since it is not an individual program and runs in your browser…. no and why do you want to make runescape 3d……. Sorta pointless, game looks like shit anyway.

  4. UltiGamer101 says:

    Dang, too bad i don’t have a pair lying around.

  5. aamo215 says:

    runescape is not direct x, so no

  6. zazthespaz says:

    i was just thinking that, anybody tried this?

  7. thevideoman9 says:

    a what wut does that mean?

  8. EspadaGrimmjow6 says:

    Thats how I did it

  9. EspadaGrimmjow6 says:

    Thank you so much O.O


  10. rabidmutant says:

    Hmm this is cool

  11. PandaChan89 says:

    hey i’d like to know if i would be able to use Real D glasses that i got from a movie theater.

  12. whitezombie00 says:


    You, sir, are a Youtube whore.

  13. wyrfxrssn says:

    Don’t whine. It’s free.

  14. jimjimbill says:

    what about runescape?

  15. langtidsminne says:

    What’s the name of this video?
    -How to play ANY game with 3-d glasses for $2

  16. WoWStarz1 says:

    This is cool but who would want to wear 3d glasses everytime you played lol

  17. hydralisk100 says:

    Wow.. REALLY? D:

  18. bishoyman says:

    hey if you wanna watc the first episode of jonas or funny videos watch it on my profile

  19. langtidsminne says:

    This is for PC

  20. prodigy223 says:

    Those nvidia 3d glasses are the worst scam ive ever seen

  21. Kottplockarkommunist says:


  22. Spartan007George says:

    whats the use of it beyond making your eyes dry?lol

  23. tasparakis says:

    why can’t you see?did you have that thing that the eye was more left or more right than it is usual,cause i had it and now i think i see more from the right eye so i don’t see with the two of the colours…(if you understand what i say,answer me…)

  24. BryanMaddocks says:

    You know theres such thing as “Backspace” you titwank.

  25. Mumajii says:

    @ Muffinjoys

    OH WOWz! YOUR SO WITTY!! -_-’

    ANYWAYS! That is cool! That would be cool to do that with an RTS… *downloads*

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